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About Judas Lawyers

A description of the documents below and purpose.

  Actual Cause Death of Former GM Chairman Roger B. Smith

  Original Smith Spyglass

  Affidavit of Capital Contributions for Smith Spyglass

  Original RBS Spyglass Documents - NOTE Foreign Investment Co.

  Smith Spyglass Unified Business Report

  Defendant's Response to Plaintiff's Motion

   Complaint 1-13-14

  Assets at Settlement

  Assignment_RBS_Spyglass, LLC

  Assignment_Smith Spyglass, LTD

  Smith Spyglass Players & Story after RBS Death

  Reinstatement of RBS Spyglass

  Cover of Cancer Research

  Letter of Forged Signature

  Detail by Entity Name Smith Spyglass

  Google Reviews of Schaefer Firm

  Greenbury Document

  Evidence SRR Info Not Delivered

  New Ponski Instructions to AEA

  John Schaefer Lien Lies

  Schaefer Lien Denial

  Notes Regarding SRR

  Kevin Mulvaney HIPPA Violation Loaded Witness List

  Ron Rich Witness List Not Violating HIPPA